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A Remarkable Night in Philly

Thursday, March 7, 2019   (3 Comments)
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Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love,  As the site of the Society’s 2019 flagship event, it was all that and so much more.


Nearly fifty alumni as well as actives from two chapters, Hamilton and Vermont, were on hand at the  circa-1898 Racquet Club of Philadelphia to toast our Society’s 192nd anniversary. With its stately decor and remarkable history, the Club proved to be a truly wonderful flagship venue.  (Snaps to Alvar Soosar, S’96, for hosting!).


Attendees came from as far away as Portland, Oregon.  Every chapter was represented.  The senior Sig in the room was Tom Angell, U’52, and honorable mention was earned by Peter Bloom, C’55, Fred Bloom, C’57 and Jim Petersen, M’59.  Six brothers invited their ladies to join in, and each one added to the graciousness of our gathering.


Christy Lambden, T’11, served as toastmaster, and handled his duties with customary aplomb. Keynote responsibilities were handled by Alf Kennedy, L’83, who wove a wonderful tale of the history of the Society, the history of our country as well as his own introduction to the Thrice Illustrious.  A band of seven other early ‘80s Sigs from Bethlehem was on hand to cheer on their Lehigh peer enthusiastically!


Just before the banquet closed with the singing of “Spirit of Sigma Phi”, Chairman Brendan McCurdy, H’80, reminded the gathered Sigs that we think of March Fourth as an anniversary date, but that our founders perhaps intended it as something more:  a marching order for all seasons.  Perhaps Brothers Bowie, Bowie, Witherspoon and Cromwell chose that date deliberately as a mandate for those who wear the badge of Sigma Phi to “march forth” into the world, holding high the banner of Friendship, Love and Truth.


The many joyful things celebrated on March 2 at the Racquet Club only augmented Philadelphia’s persona as America’s City of Brotherly Love! 


Article courtesy of Michael Imirie, M'69
Photo courtesy of JB Britten, V'02


George N. Snyder says...
Posted Thursday, December 12, 2019
I recall attending the dinner in NYC as an active in 1979 with Brendan O'Rourke S'78. We took a train from his home in Connecticut and changed into suits in an unused hotel room at the venue. It seems to me that there were actives from many chapters there singing the songs with older Sigs. I am surprised that only two active chapters attended the Philadelphia dinner. It is, after all, a celebration of Sigma Phi, and the actives are the core of our society. They should be there. BSL, George Snyder S'78
Jackson Goddard says...
Posted Saturday, March 30, 2019
Glad to be reminded of Tom Angell, U’52, an upper classman of mine while at Union.
Kurt P. Haigis says...
Posted Saturday, March 9, 2019
Thanks Michael and JB - Wish I could have been there! Esto Perpetua!

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