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About the Sigma Phi

Since its inception Sigma Phi Society has been committed to excellence in continuity, community and contribution. 

One of Sigma Phi’s most famous alumni, Secretary of State and War Elihu Root (a Nobel peace prize winner), highlighted that “no human institution lives long unless it fulfills a human need.” Sigma Phi is proud of being the oldest social fraternity in continuous existence since its founding in 1827. The enduring nature of Sigma Phi is one of its greatest traits, and as we near our 200-year anniversary we are as strong as we have ever been.

The founders envisioned a small community of men, and that vision has stayed with Sigma Phi to the present day. Expansion to other chapters has been limited, and has only occurred to highest quality institutions.  The intimacy of Sigma Phi allows for a community where the development of individuals remain the focus, and where friendships formed in college last your entire life.

One of the four founders of Sigma Phi, Thomas Bowie, went on to become a representative in the United States Congress. This started the tradition of contribution to community that brothers continue to foster. The contributions from brothers are diverse as are the brothers themselves, with many excelling in private industry, education, and public service.



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