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Pay Alumni Dues

The Sigma Phi alumni dues program provides a vital source of operational funding. Our ability to keep alumni informed and engaged and, at the same time, maintain strong relations with undergraduate chapters, is dependent upon alumni dues contributions.


Pay Alumni Dues

The funds contributed to the Sigma Phi Society, a 501c7 non-profit organization, cover costs associated with managing the website, produce and distribute The Flame and other Society correspondence, and oversee the daily operations of undergraduate chapters. The Society also coordinates special events, including the annual convention and Fourth of March banquet, as well as the business meetings taking place at both events.


Click here or the Donate Box to pay dues online.









Or simply mail a check payable to Sigma Phi Society to:

Sigma Phi Society
PO Box 57417
Tucson, AZ 85732



These alums share why they support the Dues program.

“Reflecting back on my time on the national Sigma Phi scene, I can confidently say that loyal contributors to the national organization help our local chapters tremendously. As an example, the national liability insurance program has secured much lower premiums than our chapters could negotiate individually.  National publications, conventions and undergraduate relations efforts sustain the cohesiveness of Sigma Phi.  Without them, over time, I'm confident our chapters would devolve to being similar in name only.  The national helps local chapters in times of financial need when bank loans are difficult and expensive (high interest rates) to secure.”Marshall Solem F’79

“I pay dues, and then some, because Sigma Phi gave me personal development in my college years foundational to my success throughout life along with treasured life-long friends. I consider myself very lucky and honored to have the responsibility to help the Society be there for each round of new Brothers.  Some 30, 40, 60... years old guys that I never met did it for me, now it's my turn!” – Jim Hansen V’80

“Sigma Phi was incredibly important for my growth into manhood and played a significant role in making me who I am today.  While as an Active, I was not to sure what the National did, today I have such an understanding.  The National helps each Chapter when needed and also helps the Chapters interact and function as a whole.  The National dues are the lifeblood of our Society and I would encourage everyone to donate!  Without your help, the National could not survive.  Lead or die my brothers.” – RJ Lackey S’85



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