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Benefits and Expectations

Above all else the expectations of Sigma Phi are a lifelong commitment to the organization. Membership within Sigma Phi is not just a 4-year experience, but also a lifelong pleasure. The connections fostered within the chapter and the national organization should allow you to succeed, with the understanding that you will continue to remember and participate in Sigma Phi.

When looking at new candidates to join Sigma Phi, brothers hold the core values of Friendship, Love, and Truth close to hand, to understand whether potential new brothers foster these values in the ways expected of a Sigma Phi brother.

Once selected as a brother, new members have mentors and role models from upperclassmen and alumni who provide support and guidance in scholastics, social behavior, loyalty, honor, and individual responsibility. Sigs are expected to:

  • Maintain higher-than-average grades
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Participate in volunteer work in the community in which the college is located
  • Learn how the living unit is managed
  • Participate in the business management of the chapter house

In addition, there are a few financial obligations. Though many of our chapters have dues lower than the other fraternities on their campus, there are dues that are assed on a semester rate. In addition to the chapter dues there are national dues and insurance contributions that are expected.  However, Sigma Phi aims to allow everybody to become a member of the organization regardless of financial circumstance. There are a number of scholarships (merit and need based) available through the national and the local chapters. For more information on national scholarships please go here.

Brothers participate in activities that build links between Sigma Phi and the rest of campus. Chapters have receptions and dinners to foster frequent contact with faculty members and some chapters even bring nationally known speakers to campus.

Through participating in the running of the business side of the chapter, brothers learn skills that they would not otherwise develop during their time in college.



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