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Leadership Academy
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Since its creation Sigma Phi brothers have been influential leaders from their time in college, through into the professional lives, be that in the business, sports or political lives. Given this tradition of achievement and excellence in leadership we want to create an infrastructure within Sigma Phi to help undergraduate brothers develop their leadership skills. We will benefit the individual brothers by giving them greater skills and abilities to benefit their chapter, campus community, and to utilize in their professional lives. In addition, we will be creating an emphasis for the role that brothers can continue to play as leaders within Sigma Phi at a national level.

Beyond the creation of leaders, we will also be achieving a greater strategic emphasis for each of the chapters. Through the exchange of ideas from different chapters, each representative will be able to return to their chapter with new ideas on how to run their chapters.

We believe the impact of this initiative will be both on the initials and will help enhance the local and national reputation of Sigma Phi and its chapters.

The Sigma Phi leadership academy will engage 3 undergraduates from each chapter to participate in a 4-day leadership academy hosted on one of our campuses. Sigma Phi will bring in professional facilitators to deliver 3 days of leadership training, and discussions regarding Sigma Phi and how best to run an undergraduate chapter. Specific life and skill development including the sexual assault and bystander intervention training, leadership styles, working as teams, and strategize how Sigma Phi can further develop. We will engage alumni brothers who are leaders to share their experiences of leadership within Sigma Phi, their professional lives, and philanthropic service.


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