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Sexual Assault Prevention
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Over the past few years sexual assault has been a story discussed widely, specifically in regards to its prevalence on college campuses. Reports put the number of women who experience some form of sexual misconduct at 1 in 5 women, and 1 in 33 men. Research also indicates that sexual violence is more likely to occur within the Greek System.

In 2015 Sigma Phi launched a sexual violence prevention and bystander intervention training program that facilitated training sessions at every chapter. Through the trainings undergraduate brothers were trained to: recognize warning signs of sexual violence, be prepared to safely intervene in situations they identify as dangerous, and take proactive steps to prevent dangerous situations from occurring. The training is based off the model of One Act UNC, which was started in 2010 and trains between 300 and 600 students every year.

Sigma Phi’s sexual assault prevention program is unique within the Greek community - because of its focus on expanding the benefits beyond our own chapters. We won’t limit Sigma Phi’s influence to the culture of our chapters; instead we expect Sigma Phi to influence their college communities, and as individual brothers to continue to talk about, intervene and influence people beyond just their time in college.

In the summer of 2017 Sigma Phi will host an undergraduate representative from each chapter in a training session so that they can become peer-educators on the issue, and deliver trainings similar to those that have already been delivered. They will be able to return to their chapters with the information to both train their brothers and help to educate other members of their campus community. 

We believe that fraternity men are in the best position to become allies in prevention sexual assault on college campuses. It is a given that we expect Sigma Phi chapters to be clear of sexual violence, but we want our undergraduate brothers to go back to their campuses with the aim of stopping sexual violence in all forms.


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